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Torrington High School--Past and Present's Journal
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Monday, November 22nd, 2004
2:12 pm
Fuck this place.
I hate this place. fuck.

who posts on this damn thing anyway?

Current Mood: shitty
Friday, September 10th, 2004
4:02 pm
I'm still in THS
So, if you don't know who I am, I'm a junior in this hellhole they prefer to call Torrington High School.

THS has become a prison. McKernan came in and changed it all. You can't leave your enhancement until every hallway is clear: and by the time that happens, there's only half an hour to work with a teacher.

Not only that. Once you go to a teachers room during enhancement: You aren't allowed to leave it. At all. Which is retarded, because if you remember, school policy only gives you two days to make up work for every one day of class that you miss. Care to explain that to me?

And the last problem with the new enhancement rules: You aren't allowed to go to a teacher between first period and enhancement to get a pre-signed pass. You go from first period, to your locker, to your enhancement. Yeah, because I knew I was going to have trouble with the homework, which I didn't start until after school the day before.

And it sucks even more, because you aren't allowed to leave the cafeteria before the first bell, so you can't get a pass (or go to your locker) before school. You have four minutes to do that between the bells. You aren't allowed to leave the cafeteria during lunch. You can't eat in the courtyard, the hallway...no food or drink (and that is supposed to include water) outside the cafe.

You walk in the front door in the morning and McKernan and her little minon is standing there, waving you to the cafe.
Us music kids turn and just keep walking. She's learned not to mess with us.

Denashley wants to blow up a fetile pig in her car. I volunteered to help. :).

Other than that, not to much has been happening. There are seven or eight guys in choir- fifteen altos and fourteen sopranos. H took some courses over the summer and he's gotten a lot of new ideas that are really working.
Twenty girls in guard. Only one slight problem so far: but Meme and Micheley took care of it. Gooooo guard!
Marching-band wise, we've got five parades and a field show comp. this year. It's going to be amazing...music (Hold on I'm coming, Gimme some loving and Johnnie B. Goode) is awesome. COME WATCH US.

Music Dept. is taking a trip this year, to Williamsburg, Virginia. From April 28-May 1. It includes choir, select choir, orchestra, concert band and marching band (and guard!). It's $400.00 ... but that includes the busses, hotel, breakfast and possibly dinner, tickets to Bush Gardens, the competition fees and (GET THIS) a dinner cruise. Anita went on the trip in sixth grade (don't ask how) with Mark and she said the cruise is just THS people, on a ship (obviously) and they serve dinner and its a big dance. *biiiig grin*

Drama wise, nothing yet. There was a Thespian meeting (I wasn't there, though) where McVerry said we'd be taking a trip either in December or May to NYC, and Denashley says she said we'd be going to see Wicked. (*jumps for joy*)

Um... I'll keep everyone posted in what goes on back in TTown. Comment if you want to know something. I'll give dates for shows, games, competitions and stuff so y'all can come visit and support your former peers.

THS isn't the same without the class of 2004.
But apparently:

***pop the top, chug it down, smoke a joint, pass it around. Party and fuck like bees in a hive WE'RE THE CLASS OF 2005

or so they're saying.

Ciao, everyone.

Current Mood: beyond all belief
Tuesday, September 7th, 2004
10:30 pm
hey guys, guess what

this is my brainchild of the day. the place where anyone who went to ths can come and talk to other townies, and stuff. i mean, cos i just graduated, and already i feel like i've lost touch with so many ppl. so here it is. pass it on to old aquaintences who might want to keep up on things, use it to exchange emails with classmates you don't see anymore, update all of us left behind on what college is like and how you're enjoying it, and all manner of other fun stuff!!!

isn't it great????

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